Rainbow River Ecology Program:

Rainbow River Sea educations adventures ecologyJoin Sea Education Adventures for an exploration of Florida’s freshwater ecology. The Program is designed to instill an understanding of Florida’s freshwater environment while at the same time increasing the awareness of man’s enormous impact on our fragile resource.

The Program focuses on the biological, ecological and geological study of the beautiful Rainbow River, the vast variety of animal and plant species as well as the physical properties of the river. The day will begin with an educational brief, a discussion on wildlife observation techniques and a review of the provided snorkeling equipment and its safety.

The majority of the day will be spent on the river observing the animals and plants in their natural environments. This observation will take place face-to-face with the many species of fish and wildlife, while snorkeling the beautiful and crystal clear springs and river.

The observation begins with a short boat trip up the Rainbow River where participants will enter the water in groups and drift down the river with the slow moving current. The river ranges in depths from 4-feet to 30-feet, and provides a variety of environments for observation. The average visibility is in excess of 200-feet.

The Program is open to anyone with an interest in marine and/or wildlife biology. No special skills or equipment is required-only a bathing suit, towel and bag-lunch. Snorkeling lessons will be available during the program.

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